Discover the new Mouvent machines for textile and label printing.

Mouvent TX801

The Mouvent TX801 is the world’s only high quality industrial 8-color printer, for brilliant color prints on any kind of fabric with linear print speeds of up to 100 m/min.

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Mouvent LB702-WB

The Mouvent LB702-WB is a high net output digital label press with 100% water-based inks printing at an optical resolution of 2000 dpi on up to 340 mm wide substrates producing long lasting, eye catching and environmentally friendly labels.

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Mouvent LB702-UV

The Mouvent LB702-UV is a highly productive industrial 7-color printer, for brilliant UV-Ink prints on labels with an optical resolution of 2000 dpi. The machine is offered in a printing width of 340 mm.

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Mouvent LB701-UV

The Mouvent LB701-UV is the most compact and productive digital 7-color printing machine with an incredible optical resolution of 2000 dpi. It produces brilliant UV-Ink prints on any label stock in widths of up to 170 mm.

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Enhanced productivity

Mouvent machines print up to 100 meters per minute – laying down up to 16 grams of ink per m2 at 2000 dpi. The fully variable data path allows changes from one printed piece to the next, without slowing down the printing process.

Printing revolution

Mouvent is an R&D company, with a pipeline full of innovative ideas, and powered by highly qualified experts. We are constantly expanding our product range and are already working on attractive machines for other substrates – from folding carton to corrugated board. Stay tuned!

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